Installation Recommendations for Building Your Own Outdoor Fire Pit

25 November 2020
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Having a place to build a fire in your own backyard for making s'mores or a bonfire to warm a cool winter day is a feature that can bring you hours of enjoyment with your family and friends. A backyard fire pit is something you can build right into the ground with attractive elements and long-lasting qualities to make it a good improvement to your property's value. But it is important that you consider some essential details in its planning and installation so you don't simply dig a big hole in the ground of your yard and line it with some landscape bricks that end up falling into the pit. Here are some recommendations to help you plan and install a decorative and useful fire pit in your own backyard.

Locate, Outline, and Excavate Your Site

Select a location for your fire pit that is well away from your home, garage or shed and any nearby trees or power lines. You don't want the chance of your outdoor fire lighting anything nearby on fire. Your local city ordinance office can provide you with existing regulations on your fire pit to make sure you know when you can build an outdoor fire.

Start off with your metal fire pit ring as a guide to begin the building of your fire pit. You can find fire rated metal rings at most home improvement stores, and you can select one in the size you want so your fire pit can be as large or small as you need. Set the ring in your chosen location and mark its outline with some landscape paint. Then, you can begin cutting out the soil and any existing vegetation from the site. Remove just several inches of soil so you can install the base of the fire pit in a secure manner.

Select the Stone Materials

You will also need to select the right types of stone for around the fire pit ring and also to line the base of the fire pit interior. When you build a fire in your fire pit, the heat of the fire will quickly crack and damage any materials that are not fire-rated, so be sure you make your choices wisely.

Most home improvement stores will have fire-rated stones, rock, and other building materials for a fire pit project; you just need to check the product details. Lava rock is a great option to line the inside of the fire pit because it is fire resistant and will help any water drain from inside after it rains so your fire pit is not muddy. Also, look for fire-rated mortar to attach and secure your exterior stones.

If you need help with an outdoor fire pit installation, contact a garden store near you.