How To Store Fertilizer In Your Garage Safely

11 January 2016
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Fertilizer is a very important part of making sure that your garden is able to grow strong and healthy and is able to resist any problems that inclement weather and foreign seed invasions might cause. However, if you use some fertilizer in your garden and want to save the rest of the bag in order to re-fertilize your garden in a few weeks, you might be worried about both the smell of the fertilizer and the safety of your garage. Fertilizer is highly combustible and toxic. Here are some tips for storing your fertilizer safely and odorlessly.

1. Use Large Metal Trash Cans To Contain the Fertilizer and Keep It Away From Flames

If you have the space, consider purchasing a metal garbage can and using that to store your fertilizer. It is going to be far more waterproof than the torn-open bag that your fertilizer used to be in and will be able to contain the smell. The smell is going to worsen if the fertilizer gets wet, so keeping it in a metal can is a good way to contain the smell and prevent it from getting any worse. Another option is to take a large, plastic tub that has a tight seal and put all of your fertilizer in this box. Seal it with a lid and then tape around the seal in order to keep the smell from coming out. Put a fan in your garage and have it directed out of the garage in order to get the smell out once the fertilizer is stored in either a metal trash can or a plastic box. 

Storing your fertilizer in a metal trash can will also make sure that no children or animals are able to get at it and accidentally eat it. This is critical because many fertilizers are toxic.

Finally, storing your fertilizer in a metal trash can will help prevent it from accidentally catching on fire should there be errant sparks in your garage.

2. Store the Trash Can Out of Direct Sunlight

Next, you need to be sure that you store your trash can out of direct sunlight. If the fertilizer is allowed to heat up, it increases the chances that the fertilizer could become dangerous. You want to keep the fertilizer in a cool location if possible, and if this is impossible, at least in a location where the heat is minimized by not being in direct sunlight. Also be sure to keep the can away from any heat source such as a gas furnace or stove.

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