Four Things You Should Know Before Renting A Bounce House For Your Child's Birthday

21 July 2016
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When you want to host a large bash for your child's next birthday, a bounce house may be on your list of considerations. If you like the idea of a large inflatable like this but don't want to invest in one of your own, many party rental shops offer inflatable bounce house rentals for parties and other events. Before you make the commitment, here are a few things that you should know.

You'll have a great solution for keeping the kids active and engaged. After all, when you host a birthday party, there's inevitably going to be a lot of sweet treats passed around, not to mention birthday cake. The sugar content in all of these foods can intensify already-active kids' energy levels. You'll want a safe outlet for them to burn off that energy, and a bounce house provides just that.

You may want to call in some chaperones. One important thing that many parents overlook when considering a bounce house for a party is supervision. You might think that you can handle it like you would a regular birthday party, but you'll actually want to have at least one adult monitoring the bounce house at all times. This helps to ensure that the kids are being safe. Consider asking a few of the guests' parents or some of your adult friends to help you keep an eye on things.

You can minimize your investment in other games and supplies. Instead of spending hundreds on games and activities in the hopes that they will keep the kids occupied, having a bounce house may offer you an all-in-one solution. You can instead offer a couple of affordable things for kids to do when they aren't playing on the inflatable, but allow the inflatable to be the central entertainment focus of the event.

You'll need to be proactive about liability protection. Make sure that every parent understands that you're renting the bounce house and tell them what steps you're taking to keep everybody safe. In addition, ask the rental company about any supplemental liability coverage that they may offer with the bounce house. Even if you get some coverage from the rental company, you might want to ask your homeowner's insurance company about what your policy may offer for protection, too.

Understanding these four key considerations can help you to be better prepared for a fun, eventful and safe party. Talk with a party rental company such as Golden Rentals about the bounce house choices available for your child's event.