Are You Buying Supplies For This Summer's Landscaping?

20 May 2020
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If you love to garden, you must be very happy that winter is behind you. That just means that you can dig in and create the landscape you've been planning during the winter months. Do you already have all of the things you'll need in order to create a beautiful garden? If you don't, keep reading for some ideas that might help you.

Consider the things you'll want to buy. One good way to do that is to make a simple sketch of what you want the garden to look like. For instance, maybe one section of your yard will be reserved for an entire rose garden. If you also want to plant vegetables and fruit, that might be in a totally different part of your yard. Will you have a section for bedding plants? Maybe you have decided to incorporate a hardscape as part of your landscape design. If so, you might want to have pots with flowering plants in them in order to provide color to the hardscape area. 

Include Topsoil In Your Shopping List 

After you have made your sketch, compile a list of things you'll need to buy when you head to your favorite nursery. Don't forget topsoil. The right topsoil will make a big difference in the health and beauty of anything you plant. Here are some topsoils that could work for your garden: 

  • Loam, a combination of inorganic materials like sand, clay, and silt, will be perfect for your rose garden. 
  • Topsoil that includes peat moss and sand will be essential to a good harvest from your fruit and vegetable garden.
  • Your bedding plants will thrive on potting soil, a combination of peat moss, bark, and perlite.

Buy Enough Potting Soil for the Plants You Include In Your Hardscape

The clerk at the nursery will more than likely have the knowledge and the experience to advise you on how many bags of soil you'll need to purchase. Remember to buy extra soil so that you can add it to plants as the months go by. Heavy summer rains could easily wash away some of the soil. Having extra bags of soil will mean they will be on hand when you need them. 

As you select plants, find out which ones grow best in your area. If you are wanting to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, there will be special flowers for that, too. A clerk at the nursery will be happy to help you with your selection of flowers. The nursery will probably also have a great assortment of decorative pots.

Don't forget to get topsoil for your grass, too. Buying topsoil might not be a pretty sight initially since it will totally cover your grass. But, as the grass grows through the soil, it will be healthier, leaving you with a beautiful lawn.