Practical Planting: Why Strategic Planning Is Important Before You Visit A Garden Center

17 February 2023
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The first trip to the garden center as the arrival of spring approaches is always an exciting time for gardeners. The thrill of seeing all the new plants and flowers available can be downright intoxicating, which may cause you to purchase too many plants or the wrong plants for your landscape. Having a plan in place before you head to the garden center will help you shop smart, save money, and create a garden that works best for your skill level.

Know your goal 

Asking yourself some honest questions prior to planning your garden will help you get off to the right start and avoid buyer's remorse. Is your main focus on growing healthy produce at home, creating a lush and beautiful flower garden for cutting, or a combination of the two? Do you want easy-maintenance plants or do you have time to invest in caring for plants that need more care?

Sketch a plan

It is helpful to sketch a garden plan so you know exactly what you need and how many plants you need prior to heading to the garden center. One of the most common mistakes gardeners make is getting too many plants. It is important to know how much yield you can expect from each vegetable plant so you do not end up with hundreds of cucumbers taking over your garden when you only wanted to grow enough to use in fresh salads.

Be realistic

While it can be tempting to purchase that beautiful new tropical plant at the garden center, it may not be a wise choice for your gardening skill level. Tropical and exotic plants often require a lot of tender loving care and may be a poor choice for new gardeners. Being realistic about your gardening skills and also the time you have to commit to garden care will help you choose plants that are more likely to thrive under your care.

It can be tempting to purchase all the plants and new varieties of vegetables and fruits when you walk into the garden center at the start of a new gardening season. While there is nothing wrong with trying new things, dealing with a lot of new plants can be overwhelming and you may not even have adequate space for them. Strategic planning will allow you to plot your garden wisely, try a few new things, and avoid wasteful spending on items you do not need.

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